Boost Your Security with Europe’s Leading Bug Bounty Platform

As 2022 comes to an end, now’s the time to level up your bug bounty program with Intigriti.

Are you experiencing slow bug bounty lead times, gaps in security skills, or low-quality reports from researchers? Intigriti’s expert triage team and global community of ethical hackers are enabling businesses to protect themselves against every emerging cybersecurity threat.

Join the likes of Intel, Yahoo, and Sixt who levelled up their security with Intigriti to enjoy higher quality bug bounty reports, faster lead times, and an intuitive platform.

Our expert triage team, renowned community management, and impact-focused customer support are enabling businesses to protect themselves against emerging cybersecurity threats.

Build a better bug bounty program

Intigriti is more than a bug bounty platform. Our managed security service takes the pain out of vulnerability disclosure and uses our active hacking community to suit your exact security needs.

Moving bug bounties can feel like mammoth task, with several daunting questions facing businesses when they’re considering things like security, pricing, and the handover process.

But have no fear! Moving to Intigriti is as simple as saying “VDP”. Founded by hackers, for hackers back in 2016, our platform is set up to make the onboarding process simple, with an emphasis on finding the most impactful areas of improvement.

Some of the benefits of moving your bug bounty program to Intigriti include:

Industry Leading Community Management

The number of 50,000+ hackers is one thing, but we believe strongly in effective community management. By engaging and motivating our community we ensure it remains one of the most active in the industry. Moreover, we provide services that allow you to continue using some of your most trusted hackers.

Clear Pricing

Intigriti’s pricing model ensure there are no unforeseen costs. You pay for the impact of vulnerabilities found, achieving far greater cost-efficiency. Additionally, our Bug Bounty Calculator is a tool unique to Intigriti that allows you to understand quickly the potential cost of your bounty.

Transparent and Highly Secure Infrastructure

As a security company, we understand the importance of maintaining the same high standards for ourselves. Our Trust Center is a live dashboard directly connected to our security controls that display our security posture in real time, while also providing all relevant security resources and documentation.

Dedicated Onboarding and Success Management

Our success lies in ensuring your programs are successful. Before migrating, we offer a full audit on your current program to identify any improvement areas. From then on, our customer success team work closely with you to ensure a frictionless move.

Crunch the numbers

Intigriti’s Bug Bounty Calculator is just one of our many unique toolkits that allow you to optimize your vulnerability disclosure program and ensure it receives the attention it deserves.

This free-to-use tool allows you to set the best bug bounty rates for your sector, giving you actionable, benchmarked data and helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Interested in learning more about Intigriti? Visit our website to find out how our unique approach to vulnerability disclosure and data breach protection is helping protect businesses across dozens of sectors.

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